GlenBob’s Toy Learning

Step into a universe where toys and education converge, igniting imagination and understanding in young enthusiasts. Dive deep into the world of Numberblocks, where counting becomes a thrilling journey, and numbers transform into vibrant characters.


Engage with hands-on learning as we play with Mathlink cubes, magnetic cubes, Numberblocks figures, and other educational toys that bridge fun and foundational skills vital for Pre-K and kindergarten.

From exploring patterns, shapes, and basic maths to storytelling with Numberblocks and Alphablocks, our videos are meticulously crafted to foster both amusement and learning. Born from the heart of a parent who recognizes the significance of blending play with education, GlenBob’s promises content that’s kid-friendly, interactive, and always wholesome. Here, learning colors, spelling, reading, and even multiplication is an adventure!


GlenBob’s is not just a channel – it’s a vibrant community where educational content is delightful, kids are captivated, and parents find assurance in trusted learning resources.


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Join us as we explore the adventures of Numberblocks and the magic of counting

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